Knowledge Organisers

What is a ‘Knowledge Organiser’?

A Knowledge Organiser is a go-to document for a topic/unit of work: each one identifies the key information that children need to have learned by the end of a topic. It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning.

How do they help teachers?
They are used as a planning tool- to plan the essential knowledge that children need to cover in the unit
• Key dates
• key people
• key events
• Key vocabulary and definitions, and key concepts- in ‘child-friendly’ language

How do they help children?

They provide the essential knowledge that children need to cover in the unit shared at the beginning so children know what they are going to be learning
Knowledge Organisers help them to remember key dates, key people, key events, vocabulary and definitions and key concepts
They can be used as a fun assessment tool to help remember the units
They improve their ability to remember
Knowledge Organisers help them to develop other skills- e.g. when writing a nonfiction report, if they already have the knowledge they can
focus on the writing skills

How do they help parents?

Parents will have a better understanding of what the children need to know. They will allow parents to build on their knowledge at home and provide an easy tool for parents to quiz children at home (and children to quiz parents!)


We have developed our own Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum, with each one starting with knowledge children should already know from previous learning. Each organiser also has a quiz to help children recall the knowledge and a list of technical vocabulary with definitions. These knowledge organisers are designed carefully to match identified ‘key knowledge and vocabulary’ we want each class to know in each unit of work. This is a process which takes a significant investment in time and so Knowledge Organisers will be uploaded throughout the academic year as they are designed.

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Autumn 1

Y1 History Toys Old and New

Y2 History What Makes Horwich Special

Y4 History Roman Empire and its Impact on Britain

Y5 History Viking and Anglo Saxon Struggle for the kingdom of England

Y6 History Life in Boomtown Bolton

Autumn 2

Y3 History Ancient Greece

Spring 1

Y2 Inspirational Leaders

Y5 Ancient Egypt

Y6 A Child’s War

Spring 2

Y1 Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale

Y3 Stone age

Summer 1

Y2 Scott of the Antarctic

Y4 History Mayans

Y5 History Lord Leverhulme

Summer 2

Y1 Great Fire of London

Y4 Anglo Saxon Settlement


Autumn 1

Y1 United Kingdom

Y2 Human and physical features of the UK

Y3 Mediterranean Europe

Y5 Locational knowledge England

Y6 Locational knowledge Northern England

Autumn 2

Y1 Seasonal Changes Winter

Y2 Blackpool

Y3 Geography Our natural world – UK

Y4 Geography Climate zones and vegetation belts

Y5 Geography Time Zones

Spring 1

Y2 Round the World

Y3 Mapping

Y4 South America

Y5 Settlements

Spring 2

Y1 Seasonal Changes Spring

Y2 What is it like in Nepal

Y3 The United Kingdom

Y4 Rainforest biome

Y5 Desert Biome

Summer 1

Y1 Mapping

Y2 Africa

Summer 2

Y1 Seasonal Changes Summer

Y5 Mapping

Y6 Arctic and Antarctic



Autumn 1

Y1 Science Everyday Materials

Y4 Science Living things and their habitats

Y5 Science Living things and their habitats

Y6 Science animals including humans

Autumn 2

Y1 Science seasonal Changes

Y2 Science Living things and their habitats

Y3 Science Animals including humans

Y5 Science Earth and Space

Y6 Science Light

Spring 1

Y1 Science Animals including Humans

Y3 Science Forces and Magnets

Y4 Science Electricity

Y6 Science Electricity

Spring 2

Y1 Science Geography seasonal Changes

Y2 Science Everyday Materials

Y3 Science Rocks

Y4 Science Animals including Humans

Y5 Science Animals including humans

Y6 Science Living things and their habitats

Summer 1

Y1 Science Plants

Y2 Science Plants

Y3 Science Light

Y4 Science States of Matter

Y5 Science Properties and changes of materials

Summer 2

Y1 Science Geography seasonal Changes Summer

Y2 Science Animals including humans

Y3 Science Plants

Y4 Science Sound

Y5 Science Forces

Y6 Science Evolution and inheritance




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