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Notification of proposed variation to admission arrangements for admission in September 2021

 As a result of measures taken nationally to combat COVID-19, places of worship have been closed since mid-March 2020. As a school with a religious character, this school’s admission arrangements include faith-based oversubscription criteria involving attendance at public worship. These faith-based oversubscription criteria cannot now be satisfied without amendment, and the academy trust, as the admission authority for the school, is seeking approval from the Education and Skills Funding Agency for a variation to the admission arrangements because of this major change in circumstances.

Proposed Variation

For admissions in September 2021, the academy trust proposes to vary the faith-based oversubscription criteria that require attendance at public worship so that, in the event that during the period specified for attendance at worship the church has been closed for public worship and has not provided alternative premises for that worship, the requirements of these admission arrangements in relation to attendance will only apply to the period when the church or alternative premises have been available for worship.

The detailed proposed amendment, showing the amended oversubscription criteria and the Supplementary Information Form, is attached.

admissions policy for Sept 2021 St Catherines Horwich covid revision draft5

Notification of appropriate bodies

The academy trust is notifying the local authority, the Diocese of Manchester, and all other admission authorities and governing bodies of schools in the area of this proposed variation.


Reception Admissions 2021

Children are usually admitted to school at the beginning of the school year (September) in which your child achieves his/her fifth birthday.

In the autumn term 2020 the Bolton Local Authority (LA) will provide parents with access details to the online application form which will be distributed to their registered home address. The reception admissions booklet will be available to view or download from the Council’s website.

The Bolton LA application form will allow parents/carers to express at least 3 preferences in rank order and to state reasons for the preferences.

In addition to the LA Application Form, applicants for a Church place at the school, as defined in our Admissions Policy, should complete a Supplementary Information Form, available below or from the School Office, to which it needs to be returned within the timescales indicated on the form.

The Local Authority will forward relevant information from the application forms in February to St. Catherine’s where parents/carers have expressed a preference for us. The Admissions committee from St. Catherine’s then meets to rank all applications based on the different criteria in our admissions policy. This is then sent back to the LA for them to allocate places.

The Admissions Policy relevant to applicants for places in the academic year 2021-22 can be found below

If your child is offered a place at St. Catherine’s during the summer term they will be invited to a series of activity afternoons in our Reception class to give them an opportunity to meet their new class teacher and the other children who will be in their class.  They will also be introduced to our Seeds and Gardeners scheme where an older child will act as your child’s ‘gardener’ and help settle them into school. This will aid your child’s smooth transition to starting full time education in September. For more details on Seeds and Gardeners please see the ‘pupils’ section of our website.

We also hold a welcome meeting for all parents of our new Reception class during the summer term during which gives parents an opportunity to talk to members of staff, discuss school procedures, purchase school uniform etc

Nursery Admissions

Parents may contact school at any time after their child is born to place their child’s name on the ‘interested list’ for a place in our Nursery.  Children are normally admitted in the September after they turn 3 years old and will stay in Nursery until they progress into Reception.  From time to time we may have availability in the spring and summer terms for children who turn 3 early. We are able to offer part time or full time places. More details are available from the school office.




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